‘Ethnic’ Restaurants: Not Sensitive and Judgemental Towards People of Other Cultures?

Especially to Canadian-born/raised Canadians who are of the same ethnicity as said restaurant?  I’ve found, in my own experience, anyway, that CERTAIN Chinese restaurants definitely fit the bill.  And I am sure many would agree with me.  First of all,… Continue Reading

Opportunity Comes at a Price in Daughters of Destiny

Despite having had Netflix for a few years, it’s only now that I’m going on a major spree (before, it was only when “good” series dropped – like The Crown).  My most recent binges have been Atelier (more on that… Continue Reading

Fashion and Beauty Things I Have Issues With!

With all the talk about dress codes and “age limits” on what people can/cannot wear, I thought I’d write about what I have “issues” with.  First of all, I’m a big fan of dress codes.  Maybe it just comes from… Continue Reading