Celebrities, Infertility and Being Out in the Open

I am, for one incredibly glad that many celebrities (Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and Sarah Jessica Parker, for example) have come out about their infertility/fertility issues recently.  It allows those of us who are NOT famous to be more comfortable… Continue Reading

Welcoming the Lunar New Year: Some Traditions in Our Household

Happy Lunar New Year!  While most people have large family dinners on New Year’s Eve, my husband and I celebrated with our own tradition of ordering in from a neighbouring Chinese restaurant.  There are a few dishes we ALWAYS get… Continue Reading

Repost from DelectablyChic!: Savoury Pancakes for Dinner? Why NOT?

It’s Shrove Tuesday (aka Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Pancake Tuesday…whatever you want to call it) today, so I’m reposting a recipe I published on DelectablyChic!: In North America, we tend to think of pancakes as a breakfast food, there’s no… Continue Reading

Toronto Fashion Week, Size Diversity and My Love-Hate Relationship with the Industry

People who follow me on Instagram know that I post at least one outfit picture of me wearing a Canadian/Canadian-based brand a week and hashtag it #isupportcanadianfashion (note: most of the pictures are mine, but some aren’t!).  I started posting… Continue Reading

Frustrations of Being Child-Free by Circumstance

I’m tired of people telling me that it’s “fine” not to have children and that there are plenty of women who don’t have kids.  Well, many women/couples do not have children because they choose to.  That’s called being child-free by… Continue Reading


Deal with it, people.  I know some people aren’t happy at their “culture” being “bastardized,” and perhaps it is, but as a child of immigrants, I’m angered by this perspective.  It’s as if you are saying my culture doesn’t and… Continue Reading

Infertility, IVF and ‘How to Buy a Baby’

I don’t normally binge-watch anything, but last weekend, I watched the ENTIRE FIRST SEASON of How to Buy a Baby, a Canadian comedy web series on infertility available on cbc.ca.  This wasn’t a “hopping on the bandwagon” kind of thing… Continue Reading

One of a Kind Show: Holiday 2017 Edition

The usual suspects are back, including Voisine with their maple goodies (including a strawberry flavoured maple syrup), DaLish cosmetics (complete with their skincare line (not available in stores or online)) and my favourite canned fish brand, The Fishery from British… Continue Reading