Thoughts on T&C’s (Old Fashioned) Things that Should Have Never Gone Out of Style List

It’s not exactly a new list – Town & Country (and many other publications) post and repost the same material all the time just to get fan engagement – and yes, many of them are quite true.  I agree with many, including:

Young man tying his tie.  Not too many people know how to do this properly anymore

  1. Modesty.  I understand that one should be able to wear whatever he or she wants, but why would you want to, say, wear short shorts at the office?  It’s not just a matter of modesty, but really, aren’t you…COLD???
  2. Dressing up.  The over-casualness of young people today BUGS – especially for young men.  Dads, do us a favour:  teach your sons how to tie a tie.  Oh, wait, you don’t know how either, right?  Because many guys under 45 don’t, unless they went to a school with a uniform.  Heck, many probably don’t know even if they DID!  Because they just leave the knot on and pull it up when they’re wearing it.  (regarding the two points above, read this post if you don’t really get what I mean).  I don’t even WANT to get into the young man I saw being (mock?) interviewed at a cafe last year…let’s just say he did not LOOK interview-ready.  For a legal position.  In the FINANCIAL DISTRICT.
  3. Cursive writing.  Too many people can’t.  And I always cursive – even though my writing is HORRIBLE
  4. Saying sir/ma’am.  Read THIS for more details
  5. Table manners.  HOLD A FORK AND KNIFE PROPERLY, DON’T HOLD IT LIKE A SHOVEL.  I’ve also seen people who are from chopstick-using cultures NOT holding THEM properly (often like a pencil/pen.  I’m actually surprised, considering how much time these kids spend on their devices), so it’s a global thing.  Oh, and if there are serving utensils, PLEASE USE THOSE AND NOT WHATEVER YOU’RE EATING WITH!
  6. Mental math – I used to be able to do that.  Now?  Not so much.
  7. Recipe cards – yes, but I never inherited any, sadly.  My family simply didn’t have them – I don’t think they’re a “thing” in China.  And even if they did, I wouldn’t be able to read them!

What’s with young men holding forks/cutlery like the picture on the left?

However, I disagree with some of the others, including potluck dinners.  People don’t do that anymore?  Really?  And saying please and thank you.  It’s pretty logical, right?  Handwritten diaries, sure (though I keep a journal myself – on to volume three now!), but potlucks are amazing!  You don’t have to spend all that money on catering nor do you have to spend hours in the kitchen, preparing.  And many offices do some sort of potluck, right?  I also have some which need to be added on the list, such as:

  1. Waiting until the birth of a baby to announce its sex
  2. Respect of elders (I suppose this is related to the sir/ma’am thing, but what’s the deal with young children addressing adults by first name without the adults giving them permission to do so?  Or people NOT giving up their seat to, say, seniors?)
  3. Keeping things simple, especially around the holiday season (and especially with decorations)
  4. A good, proper handshake, one which isn’t too firm or weak.
  5. Being more formal in general.  I suppose this encompasses everything on T&C’s list (and my list) anyway!

What are YOUR thoughts?  Do you agree with these? What do you think should or shouldn’t have gone out of style?


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By Olena Yakobchuk (guy putting on a tie) and Carlos Yudica (how to hold a fork). Both images came from Shutterstock


Cynthia Cheng Mintz

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